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Слайд-сканер Pacific PrimeFilm 1800u

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Pacific PrimeFilm 1800u (снят с производства)

Superior overall quality
The superior inherent detail of 35mm film combined with PrimeFilm 1800's advanced optics provides the uncompromised image quality that traditional flatbed scanners just can't compete with.

Control to get the results you want
The PrimeFilm 1800 series captures such excellent image detail from both positive slides and negative filmstrips, you can retouch any image exactly the way you want it.

High resolution for better images
The PrimeFilm 1800 series captures 1800 dots per inch(dpi) giving you 3 times the resolution of the average desktop scanner. For graphics professionals, this means that you can enlarge images to approx. 20 cm x 13 cm (7.8" x 5.1") and still maintain the 1:1 300 dpi resolution sufficient for color separation and offset printing.

The price is right
Previously the realm of experienced graphics professionals and photographers, high resolution color film scanning is now available to a broad range of home, office or home, office or school users in this compact,inexpensive unit. Now there are no excuses not to own one!

Product Specifications :
Scanning Type: 35mm Film Scanner
Image Sensor: Linear Array Color CCD
Color Mode: 48 bits per pixel
Grayscale Mode: 16-bit per pixel
Optical Resolution: 1800 dpi (or 4.2 million pixels for a 36 x 24mm image)
Maximum Resolution: 1800 x 1800 dpi
Light Source: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
Scanning Buffer: 512 K byte
Preview Speed: 10 seconds for color
Scanning Speed: 35 seconds
Max scanning area: 36mm x 24mm
Interface: USB 1.1
Power Adapter: Output -12V DC /1A , Input - 100VAC or 240VAC, Frequency: 47Hz to 63Hz
Dimensions: 268mm(10.55") x 166mm, (6.54") x 66mm(2.60)
Weight: 750 grams(1.65 lbs)